THEME:  Kiswahili - A pillar of Unity, Education and Economic Development.

Activities and responsibilities of the Units are summarized hereunder:-

  1. To coordinate, supervise and guide internal audit activities
  2. To handle special financial investigation
  3. To give advice on changes on auditing regulations and propose the best system of internal control
  4. To prepare policies for auditing activities and issue technical and administrative directives of the policies
  5. To assess effectiveness at all levels of administration in a respective Ministry/Department/Region to see that resources are managed and regulations are observed
  6. To certify published reports such as outcomes of conducted inspection activities
  7. To cooperate duly with external auditors (CAG)
  1. To advise the Executive Secretary on procurement issues in accordance with laws, regulations and procedures
  2. To monitor implementation of the Council’s procurement system
  3. To supervise the implementation of the Council’s Strategic Plan
  4. To design store regulations and procedures
  5. To conduct store management training
  6. To supervise stock taking of properties including movement of properties from one place to another
  7. To supervise and coordinate duties of procurement personnel under its supervision
  8. To conduct research and advise on how procurement costs can be minimized
  9. To give advice on the procurement policy.
  1. To certify data sources
  2. To keep computer operation manuals
  3. To supervise on-job training
  4. To update the Council’s website
  5. To monitor internet payments
  6. To organize training for new computer systems
  1. To monitor preparation of documents such as different contracts and agreements ratified by the employer
  2. To supervise preparation of legal defence strategies and litigations which are beneficial to the Council
  3. To provide legal advice on the responsibilities of the Council
  4. To represent the Council in all legal matters as required
  5. To ensure effective preservation of all legal documents of the Council
  6. To supervise required legal research and advice the management of the Council accordingly
  1. To observe guideline for preparation of medium plans and budegt system
  2. To supervise preparation of Three year Plan and investment programmes of the Council
  3. To supervise general policies and coordinate them
  4. To establish or conduct research on implementation of plans
  5. To identify key areas of investment in collaboration with different sectors.
  6. To coordinate and advise on important issues and the best way to promote and use science and technology.
  7. To monitor implementation of the Council’s projects/programmes
  8. To monitor implementation of different sectoral policies and and advise the Council accordingly
  9. To supervise evaluation of recommendations for investment in the social sector and human resources
  10. To oversee implementation of investment strategies
  11. To coordinate preparation of research proposals on issues emerging in the Council
  12. To supervise preparation of strategies for medium and long term development plans
  13. To supervise implementation of the National Vision 2025.
  14. To coordinate the trends of foreign grants
  15. To coordinate business trends with different nations
  16. He/she may be appointed as Head of the Section