THEME:  Kiswahili - A pillar of Unity, Education and Economic Development.


Published on Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The National Kiswahili Council (BAKITA) would like to inform the public that from October 2016, inaugurates a Kiswahili Elementary Course for foreigners. The course will run for six (6) weeks from the day on which the learner is registered. Provision of courses in Kiswahili for foreigners is one of the roles of BAKITA in spreading, managing and coordinating the growth and development of Kiswahili worldwide. Foreigners from within and outside Africa are cordially invited. This course will be delivered by specialised language teachers and the student will be able to communicate in Kiswahili within a very short time. Do not miss this precious opportunity! This training will take place at BAKITA offices located at Kijitonyama near Makumbusho Bus Terminal. When you hear this advertisement please notify your fellow(s). For further information, contact us: Tel: +255 22 2762213 or +255 22 2762243 Mobile: +255 783 544 441 or +255 754 578197 Email: