THEME:  Kiswahili - A pillar of Unity, Education and Economic Development.

How To

An individual, organization, institution or company which finds it difficult accessing Kiswahili vocabulary relevant to their activities can send the English versions to BAKITA by phone, e-mail, or ordinary mail. However, an individual may visit BAKITA to obtain advice on anything about different Kiswahili vocabulary.

Those who wish to have their certificates translated should submit original copies and not photocopies of the certificates. For the languages for which the Council has experts, a certificate is translated for Tshs. 30,000/=. For the languages for which the Council lacks experts in translation, the council refers customers to approved external experts. External experts do the translation at the costs negotiated between the customer and the translator. The external translator shall sign his/her name on the translated documents and the customer shall submit the document to BAKITA for approval and stamping. The cost for approval is Tshs. 10,000/= for Tanzanians and 20 USD or Tshs. 40,000/= for non Tanzanians. For translation of manuscripts, books etc, the charge is Tshs. 30,000/= for a page of between 200 and 220 words. The customer is required to submit a hard copy and soft copy, if available. The Council shall issue a proforma invoice to the customer, and the customer shall be required to deposit 50% of the total costs as down payment before commencement of the work, and then clear the balance before he/she can take the translated document.

The following are the procedures for issuing a customer with accreditation for his/her manuscript or book:
  1. Visit our office with the manuscript in a hard copy.
  2. The manuscript will be checked for the number of pages to determine charges, in which case Tshs. 5,000/= is charged for a page.
  3. After payments, the manuscript will be read through and then taken back to the customer to incorporate the recommended amendments.
  4. After incorporating the changes, the customer will take the book back to BAKITA for proof-reading to see that the reccommeded changes are duly incorporated.
  5. If the recommended changes are duly incorporated, the book or manuscript shall be stamped, and finally the customer is issued with a Certificate of Accreditation for his/her book, to certify that it is suitable for use by the targeted audience since the language used is formal and approved.
An individual, organization or institution which needs information on anything, including services offered by the Council can use the following modes:-
1. Visit the Council's website, which is
2. Call 2762243
3. Write a letter to: The National Kiswahili Council P.O.Box 4766 Dar es- Salaam.
4. Write an e-mail to
5. Visit BAKITA offices located in Kijitonyama, Block No. 45.B